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Last Updated: May 26, 2017 07:12PM EDT

How do I know that I can post book requests on BookMentors?

Currently, BookMentors accepts book requests for schools listed on the website. Confirm that your school is listed (most US schools are) by searching their page:

How do I post a request for books my students need?

Go to the BookMentors homepage and click the "Request" link. On the book search screen, enter the details about the book you want to request. You can use the drop-down menu to search for books by grade level and genre. Follow the instructions to complete and publish your request. If you have trouble posting your request, email us at:

What if the books I request are not part of the BookMentors' list of available books?

If your book is not on our list, suggest it for inclusion. If we decide to include the suggested book, we will let you know that you can now request your book.

What is an offer?

An offer is posted on BookMentors when a donation (or part of it) cannot be matched to a current open request. A posted offer is a promise by a donor that s/he is ready to give a number of copies of a book when requests for this book come up on BookMentors.

How do I respond to an offer posted by a donor?

Click on "offers" on the homepage.  It will take you to the books donors are offering.  If you see an offer that interests you, click on the book or title to get more information about it. Click on the book or title again to be redirected to a request page, where you can post a request for the books being offered. The donor that posted the offer will receive an email notification about your request and then fulfill it. Note, however, that the donor has no firm obligation to make a donation in response to your request. In any case, your request will be published on BookMentors as a normal request and other donors may respond to it.

I see an interesting book listed on BookMentors - can I request it for my students?

Yes, you can. Click the book's title or cover, and on then click "Request" on the book's page. You can also get to the book's page by clicking "Request" at the top of the home page and typing the book's title into the request screen.

Should I always write a thank you note? How do I do it?

Yes, you should always write a thank you note. When a donation is posted on BookMentors in response to your request, you receive an email notification (make sure that your email address will allow email from BookMentors) that contains a link back to the donation page. Click the link to go the donation page and write your thank you note in the appropriate box. The posting of the thank you note "unlocks" the procurement and delivery of the books. Without a thank you note, your request will NOT be fulfilled. If you have trouble posting your thank you note, email us at:

Can my students keep and bring home the books I receive from BookMentors?

Yes.  Books can be given to students to take home and keep or they can be kept as classroom books. BookMentors wants students to be able to use and enjoy our books anywhere---at home, in school, on the bus, at the park. Given the achievement gap that results from problems with access to books for summer reading, BookMentors encourages teachers to give our books to students to take home over the summer and enjoy owning.

How can I most efficiently request a class set of 20 books or more?

There are two ways to do this. You could post a large request for all the books in the class set, and hope a very generous donor fulfills the request or you could post multiple small requests for the same book, which could be fulfilled by multiple donors. For example, if I needed 20 copies of The Hobbit I could post a request for all 20 copies or I could post five separate requests for four copies of The Hobbit. If you try posting a large request that is not fulfilled, it is fine to also post a group of small requests for the same title.  Do please cancel the large request if the smaller ones are fulfilled.

Important:  Email addresses of teachers must allow BookMentors to contact them.  Please make sure if you use a work email address, that it will allow for email contact from BookMentors.

As teachers make sure the email address you give to BookMentors will allow emails from BookMentors. We have had some teachers' email addresses end up in spam, or not get through to them at all,  resulting in their book donations being cancelled.  Make sure that if you use your school email address, that your school's spam filter will allow the contact with BookMentors, thanks!

How long do teachers' book requests remain posted on

Once posted, teachers' requests will stay up for 9 months. Many teachers change schools and donors have become somewhat frustrated if their donations do not go through due to a teacher no longer teaching at the same school; so all requests will expire 9 months after initial posting date. If you did not receive the books you requested, you are welcome to post the same requests.

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