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Last Updated: May 26, 2017 06:36PM EDT

How long does it take to receive a book? I received a book donation two weeks ago, but the site says the request is still being processed. How long does it take?
When a book is selected by a donor and purchased, BookMentors automatically contacts the publishing company Baker & Taylor. Baker & Taylor has a contract with BookMentors and gives a nice discount on our books plus free shipping! Typically books are ordered and shipped within a few days. Sometimes Baker & Taylor doesn’t have the book on hand, so BookMentors contacts Baker & Taylor every day until they fulfill the order, up to 30 days. If after 30 days Baker & Taylor isn’t able to fulfill the order because they don’t have the book (s), BookMentors will be notified. BookMentors will then attempt to fulfill the order manually through other vendors like Amazon Prime.

I have chosen a book to donate, but I am having trouble with the PayPal account. What to do?
When a book is donated, PayPal comes up. BookMentors doesn’t handle the purchasing transactions, they go through PayPal. The donor can either use his/her own PayPal account, or enter a credit or debit card without a PayPal account. Please be advised that PayPal only allows so many transactions without obtaining a PayPal account. Our Executive Director found this out the hard way, called PayPal and was told PayPal only allows 14 total transactions, not just on BookMentors, but 14 PayPal transactions altogether, before they insist you create a PayPal account. When our ED asked to get that in writing, PayPal said it can vary, so they don’t have a written policy.

I am a teacher. My emails from BookMentors ended up in spam, so my donation was cancelled.
What do I do?

BookMentors sends an email notifying you of your donation and asking you for a thank you reply, prior to sending the book donation request to our vendor Baker & Taylor to fulfill the order. If you do not reply after three requests, then the donation is cancelled. Please make sure to give an email address that you know will receive BookMentors’ emails. This may mean talking to your school’s IT department. Usually the easiest way to do this is for teachers to add BookMentors’ email address to their contacts’ list: Some schools’ spam filters are bouncing BookMentors’ emails to spam, so you may want to use your private email account. As Rosanne Rosanna Danna (Gilda Radner) used to say, "It’s always something!" If your donation was cancelled send me an email through and let me know. Also, you can always repost your book request.

My school is closed for the summer so my books were returned to Baker & Taylor. What can I do about this?
If you know your school won’t have anyone at the school to pick up your books, you can simply take down your requests during the summer or holidays. It is easy to request books again.

Several of the books I suggested for inclusion on BookMentors were approved. However when I attempted to request them, the phrase "not available for procurement" was displayed. Do you know when/if the books will become available? What causes a book to be unavailable?
For most books, "not available for procurement" is a temporary state during which our book vendor Baker & Taylor doesn't have the book in stock ready for shipment. Typically, a book will become available in a week or two and this will be automatically reflected on because we check for book availability status once a day. Sadly, some books are not available long term. Unfortunately, it is not possible to know this information in advance of requesting books or suggesting books for inclusion on

Help! My school is not listed on What do I do?
BookMentors uses to look up public and public charter schools as a source of verified school data. Unfortunately cannot add schools to the database, but you can. Just click on this link - Add or edit your school on the GreatSchools web site - and fill out the required information. GreatSchools is a free database for BookMentors, with an excellent reputation for accuracy, which is why BookMentors uses it. GreatSchools can add your school to their database website. Once that happens, you can sign up for books on BookMentors.

BookMentors website has my school’s address incorrectly listed. Can you change that for me?
Unfortunately BookMentors cannot change the address on our site, since we obtain it from the database You can ask for edits to your school’s information on database if they have listed your school’s address incorrectly. As noted above, BookMentors operates automatically using GreatSchools database to obtain school addresses and phone numbers. Once a donor selects a book to donate, it is all done automatically. PayPal takes the credit card information and GreatSchools’ school addresses are used by Baker & Taylor to ship the books to your school.

I teach at a private school. Can I sign up and request books on
BookMentors, Inc. is a nonprofit incorporated in Massachusetts for the benefit of public and public charter schools, so private schools do not qualify under our IRS purpose. Sorry!

I asked that BookMentors include an e-book for the book suggestion list, but it was denied.
Why was that?

BookMentors only gives hard covers and paperback books at this time. We unfortunately are unable to give e-books and audio books.

I would love to donate my used books or donate new books I haven’t used. Does BookMentors take donated books?
BookMentors is an online platform that connects donors with teachers, by providing an online opportunity to buy new books through Baker & Taylor and they ship the books for free directly to the teacher(s). We are unable to collect and store and then ship books. Please try your local library. Often they will take books or have other ideas. We hope you find a happy home for your books.

I’m interested in donating books to San Francisco teachers.  When I look at your site I see submissions from all over the U.S.  Is there a way to find requests from San Francisco teachers?
Yes, there is a way to find San Francisco schools. From the homepage, and click on the word 'explore'—then click 'schools'. You will see a 'sort by state' option. You can then select California. Currently there are several San Francisco schools listed on BookMentors.

Is there a faster way to buy multiple donations? I am frustrated because I have to keep re-entering my credit card for each donation.
Wanting to make multiple donations for different requests without re-entering your credit card? Buy yourself a gift card, you will then have credit on BookMentors' site to use quickly and easily. Many of our donors like to purchase gift cards for themselves. With credit you can buy a slew of books for various classrooms "quick as a cricket!" (Just like the boy in the book Quick As A Cricket by Audrey Wood.) Another option is to open an express check out account with PayPal.

How long do teachers' book requests remain posted on
Once posted, teachers' requests will stay up for 9 months. Many teachers change schools and donors have become somewhat frustrated if their donations do not go through due to a teacher no longer teaching at the same school; so all requests will expire 9 months after initial posting date. If you did not receive the books you requested, you are welcome to post the same requests.

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