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BookMentors is Getting a Lot of Attention!

Harvard Ed:
"Buy the Book
By Lory Hough

For Jen Soalt, Ed.M.'03, starting a literacy nonprofit was a labor of love—and a necessity. Reading has always been a passion for her, and as a teacher she wanted to share that love with another generation. But after working in high-poverty schools on both coasts, she became frustrated with the lack of books available to her students at school and during the summer. Other teachers had to be struggling, too. During long commutes to the Sudbury (Mass.) Public Schools, where she worked as an ELA curriculum coordinator, she had time to think about ways to help. She was aware of micropatronage sites like Kiva and Donors Choose, which allow the public to financially support complete strangers by making donations online. She had also read the well-documented research that shows the link between access to books and literacy development. She wondered: What about a site that would allow teachers to request books they needed?
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Huffington Post:
"It's All About the Books, About the Books, About the Books"
By Helen Young, Documentary filmmaker and Emmy Award-winning producer

Like a lot of teachers Amanda Lodermeier frequently dips into her own pocket to buy materials for the fifth grade class she teaches at the Andersen United Community School in Minneapolis. Some two thousand children attend the Pre-K to 8th grade school where a majority of them qualify for free or reduced cost lunch. Last year, while scouring the internet for resources to help engage her students, Lodermeier did a Google search typing in the words "books for classrooms" and the words: "BookMentors" came up. It was the start of a beautiful friendship.
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BookMentors Makes Front Page News in San Francisco's Noe Valley Voice!
"Donate Books to Schools with BookMentors"

By Olivia Boler

San Francisco public school students returned to classes on Aug. 17, armed with tools like new backpacks, pencils, and binders. Teachers readied their classrooms with fresh supplies of markers and paper. But what about new books? According to an American Library Association report, during the recession that hit in 2008, because of budget reductions, school libraries in high-poverty areas saw a decline in the size of their book collections. Even though the economy has recovered somewhat, many schools are still suffering from a dearth of new reading materials for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. That’s where comes in.
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Social Style Mag
Celebrities Share Their Favorite Books with BookMentors

Geek Initiative
Q&A with Debra Hannula, Director of BookMentors

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What People are Saying about BookMentors:

Deborah Stipek photoDeborah Stipek, Dean, Stanford University Graduate School of Education and BookMentors donor:
"Reading is a critical skill for all learning, and the best way to develop reading skills is to read. Most children in high poverty schools have few books at home, so access to books at school is essential. By donating to BOOKMENTORS you are giving teachers the tools they need to develop both skills and a love of reading in their students."  

Maria Porter, MPH, MSW (Master of Public Health / Master of Social Welfare)
and BookMentors donor:
"I had such fun reviewing Maria Porter photoand choosing books to donate on BookMentors fabulous online site. The more people get exposed to BookMentors, the more they'll want to give, it's a bit addicting. The first book I chose was one that I had read and loved called Wonder, about a severely disfigured kid making his way in the world. It's a good one for teachers wanting to address differences, bullying, and resilience, and to teach compassion. The other book was a biography on activist Ida B. Wells—a true Wonder Woman! I like that you can choose the books that you want more kids to get exposed to!"


Esther Patrick, social worker, writer and BookMentors donor:
Esther Patrick photo
"I grew up in nothing but "high poverty schools," the kind of schools that BookMentors desires to reach. We had few books in my schools, and many were old and tattered. I didn't have access to books at home, so I grew up without the ability to read well. My home-life was marred by domestic violence as a kid; how I would have loved to escape in a good book, like I do now as an adult. Giving students the joy of reading wonderful books and allowing donors and teachers to come together and recommend positive books for kids will change those students' lives."


A Thank-You from a Teacher:
Mrs Squeglia Photo
Mrs. Squeglia (Music K-4):
"Dear Debra, Thanks so much for donating "In the Small Small Pond." The kids love "In the Tall Tall Grass" and this sequel is sure to be equally engaging. The illustrations are stunning and the strong word rhythms are great for drumming and other rhythmic activities. Why did you choose to donate this book?"

Mrs. Squeglia's Classroom Description:
"I teach music k-4 in a building of 500 students. I meet with each of 20 classes once a week for 50 minutes. I use visuals whenever I can to enhance understanding and to spark interest. During each class, we sing move and play instruments. I often share a book during class. If the book has song lyrics, I sing the book as I turn the pages. If the book has rhyme, rhythm, or repetition, I may use it to inspire a drumming lesson. If the book is a story, we may dramatize it and improvise an instrumental accompaniment."

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